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Hollywood, California Jan 15, 2023 (Issuewire.com) - https://youtube.com/@esdankexotics74

Rappers like E.S. Dank and a host of other Alabama musicians have been locked in working together independently with the likes of The Birmingham Music Plug. After being locked in with CEO Kodak for less than 6 months the East Birmingham Artist has major plans for the year 2023. Having a career as an Executive Chef and maintaining his profession as an independent artist E.S.Dank says 'Ill maintain my humble self as I grow independently' what he tells us just days after millions discovered his latest single ' Teriyaki Chicken' which is over 5 million on instagram streaming. E.S. Dank says he is planning to drop merch and more singles but his main focus is pushing Teriyaki Chicken which seems to be a viral germ right now! He also just did a Live music review and interview with Dallas 979 The Beat hosted by Space Boi Fresh which E.S. Dank stole the show and extended his fan base. Since his campaign with The Birmingham Music Plug his numbers have been growing organically on instagram, YouTube, & other social platforms. Go check E.S. Dank on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.



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Source :The Birmingham Music Plug

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