Anubia Storm Creates a Heartwarming Number in the Form of “Next To You”

Jul 28, 2023

Anubia Storm

Tampa, Florida Jul 27, 2023 ( - Presenting a perfect brew of trippy design and soulful, meandering RnB neo-soul vocals with sweet gospel harmonies, the rising star on the musical horizon Anubia Storm has released her newest song Next To You, sewing together a plethora of textured tones and rhythms ranging from hip-hop to pop. The song comes as a sweet and rejuvenating escape from the chaos of reality and transports listeners into a zone of tranquility and sublime musicality that is hard to let go of. The brief yet musically satiating song brings to light the singers creative depth and leaves a lasting impression in the hearts of her listeners, compelling them to return to it time and again. 

Throughout its two-minute and forty-four seconds run time, the song engages the attention of the audience with the world-inspired vocals of the artist that sync perfectly with the contemporary backdrop. The innate sensuality and raw allure of her voice add to the mellow and haunting atmosphere that the simple yet impactful music design creates and pierce deep into the audiences psyche. As the song moves towards the climax, it gives way to expressive, breathy, and emotive progressions, adding a dreamy essence to the production through the ascending pop threads, loaded with impeccable melodic layers and intricate details. 

Each line of Next To You stands tall on the strength of the songwriting and relies heavily on the intimate and poetic lyrical flow and the mellow stripped-back setting that gives the track a distinct identity of its own. Born into a house full of music lovers in the suburbs of Chicago, Anubia Storm found her calling in music at a very young age and has performed in the opening act for the kickoff game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers & The San Francisco 49ers. She also attended the Annual Martin Luther King Banquet at MacDill Air Force Base where she performed before a host of guests. The priceless gems from her musical treasure trove, including songs like Chocolate Tea and Manners, are available on Spotify. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TikTok, Apple Music, and YouTube for more updates.

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Next To You

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