Aretha Henry Releases New Single, I Love You

Jul 27, 2023

Aretha Henry I love you cover

Jackson, Mississippi Jul 26, 2023 ( - Singer-Songwriter Aretha Henry is back with another R&B groove titled I Love You. The new song comes just two months after her sensual single, Risk it All. 

I Love You is a love song for anyone who needs to hear the words. It is a song about self-love and the joy and peace that comes with self-acceptance. It is an anthem for those who have learned to love themselves after hardships of the past. 

In the first verse, she says "It's for real this time. This self-love's divine", meaning that she no longer has to fake her confidence because she has grown to love and accept herself for real.

In the second verse, Aretha sings of wanting world peace so that everyone can experience it. This song is a virtual hug or even a wink to those who can relate to its words. The singer closes the song out by singing "I'm a star" in hopes that the listener will sing along and feel that they, too, are a star and capable of great things. 

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