Oshawa, Ontario Jul 30, 2023 (Issuewire.com) - In a newly announced partnership that promises to reshape the landscape of retail cannabis training, the Retail Cannabis Council of Ontario (RCCO) has joined forces with the Cannabis Training Canada (CTC) to enhance education and bring added value to RCCO members and the broader Ontario retail cannabis industry. This strategic partnership aims to elevate the standards of cannabis retail in Ontario and meet the growing demands of the industry.

The RCCO, an association representing over 1700 retailers in the Ontario cannabis sector, has long been committed to advocating for cannabis retailers in the province of Ontario. Recognizing the need for continuous improvement and modernization in retail cannabis training, the RCCO has chosen to partner with the CTC, an established organization specializing in cannabis education and certification.

Under this transformative partnership, the RCCO and CTC will work hand in hand to make a bid to become an AGCO-approved cannabis retail training provider. By leveraging the CTC's extensive experience and expertise in cannabis education, the RCCO aims to empower its members with a comprehensive training framework that encompasses both product knowledge and practical skills. This collaboration will equip RCCO members with the tools and resources necessary to excel in their roles as cannabis retail professionals, fostering a customer-centric approach and upholding the highest standards of training within the industry.

Speaking about the partnership, Adam Vassos, Executive Director of the RCCO, expressed his excitement about the potential impact on the retail cannabis landscape. He said, "Our partnership with the CTC marks a pivotal moment for the Ontario cannabis industry. By bringing together our collective strengths, we are poised to revolutionize retail cannabis training in Ontario, ensuring that our members are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional customer experiences and contribute to the responsible growth of the industry."

Cannabis Training Canada, known for its industry-leading training programs and modern online platform, is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. The partnership will enable the CTC to further expand its reach and deliver tailored training solutions that address the specific challenges faced by Ontario's cannabis retailers.

This game-changing partnership between the RCCO and CTC is set to establish a new benchmark for cannabis retail training in Ontario. As the industry continues to evolve, this partnership will play a pivotal role in shaping a knowledgeable, responsible, and customer-focused workforce that contributes to the overall growth and success of the retail cannabis sector.

About RCCO:

The Retail Cannabis Council of Ontario (RCCO) is a nonprofit advocacy group that provides a unified voice for private cannabis retailers across Ontario. Our mandate is to promote and advocate for independent cannabis retailers at all levels of government, and to effect positive change in order to help the industry reach new heights in a fair, safe, and sustainable way.

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About CTC:

The Cannabis Training Council (CTC) is a leading organization specializing in cannabis education and certification. In addition to being the mandated training provider for retail cannabis staff in Nova Scotia and Nunavut, CTC has also provided training to over 4,000 retail staff across Canada to safely and effectively serve their customers.

Source :Cannabis Training Canada Inc.

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