CEO Doji Officially outdoors The Mine

Jul 23, 2023

The Mine Press Release

The apex is nigh

Greater Accra, Ghana Jul 22, 2023 ( - The Apex of poetry is nigh, as CEO Doji officially outdoors his new book titled The Mine. The Mine is part of The "My Life's Work" project, an endless collection of books, songs, poems, dances and other creative pieces by CEO Doji.


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About My Life's Work

"My Life's Work" is a dispensation of the artistic works of CEO Doji. These works include his books, screenplays, speeches, musical compositions, audio recordings, films, music videos, skits, series or television shows he's written, acted in, directed or produced, articles, memoirs, etc. It also includes dances he creates and produces, contents he creates and publishes for online platforms. Websites and Mobile apps conceived, initiated, designed and published by him.

It also includes other creative works he partly owns economic, performance or mechanical rights to.

The vision is to have a complete and possibly unending creative repertoire of the works of CEO Doji collated into a legendary lifetime achievement of all his works.

    This book 'The Mine' focuses on simplicity, but takes cue from great and notable poets like Kofi Anyidoho, Kofi Awoonor, Maya Angelou, Sir Black, John Donne, Andrew Marvell, William Blake, John Pepper Clarke, Wole Soyinka and those not mentioned here. For me, these poets are the reason poetry still survives.

    Mentioning names of great poets like these generates all sorts of conversations and comments from a lot of people, especially the elite society. This is because, as history has it, the works of these great poets were seen to be extraordinary. Their poems, until today, stand out, even among modern ones.

    The beauty of this book, therefore, is the hard undying work of its author, to making all poems easily understandable. The use of great imagery, metaphor, Hyperbole, irony, symbolism and other literary devices, should be closely taken into consideration when reading this book.

    Though the book is primarily written to be used as a great all important, informative and resourceful study material by lovers, lecturers and students of literature, with great potential to be used as a text book in senior high schools, tertiary institutions and alternative educational setups, It also passes for use by anybody across the world as a reading material either for information, education, self discovery, or just for fun.

    I therefore entreat all readers to appreciate this book, not as a piece of work from "Dojiverse" my futuristic universe, but a treasure, to be studied, enjoyed, and appreciated beyond the span of time. The Mine would leave you glued to it all the time. Do you know why? This is a rhetorical question I can't answer, unless you read.

    To enhance your understanding of these poems, The author has grouped all fifty poems under various topics: love, affection, life, family, death, power, politics, governance, war, culture, religion, beliefs, education, business, abstract, technology and futurism.

    This will help you, my dear reader, in your understanding and discussion of the poems. Everybody, therefore, does have his or her share of CEO Doji's "Poetic Cake".

    The book has 50 originally written poems by the Author. According to CEO Doji, plans are far advanced to translate "The Mine" into over 50 other languages. All 50 poems will soon be available on major streaming platforms.

    The official video version of the main poem titled "The Mine" has been released on YouTube. Kindly use the link below to access the video.


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