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Jan 21, 2022

San Diego, California Jan 21, 2022 ( - Digital Book Labs Press Release

Digital Book Labs is the one-stop solution for all your writing needs. It is an award-winning company focusing on delivering the finest quality content to its customers. The company aims to serve the clients with the best of knowledge and wisdom.

Digital Book Labs is an online book marketing and publishing agency in California. The company shapes your words into action and delivers you original and premium quality content that provides a wealth of knowledge and information. It uses the creativity and originality of a team of writers dedicated to investing their time and effort to delivering the best results in the least time.

Company Mission and Vision

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The core objective of digital book labs is to deliver original and high-quality content services to clients. The company originated twenty years ago in 1997 and progressed ahead at a slow and steady pace.  It began with a small setup and was promoted to the top leading book marketing agency in the United States.

The company has a mission of producing and delivering various content to a massive target audience. It offers unmatched content writing services to businesses and individuals to help them accomplish their goals. Digital Book Labs has a loyal and honest commitment to the customers and delivers their tasks on time. It has a proven track record of publishing countless books of multiple genres. The company specializes in marketing and self-publishing services for clients. It customizes their goals and fulfills their ambitions to finish a book.

Digital Book Labs has the vision to attract new audiences and build the strong brand authority of authors worldwide. It offers promotional tools to boost book sales and allows authors to acknowledge their literary work to global audiences. The company dreams of becoming the top leading name in the book writing industry. It has changed the destiny of authors and increased their popularity among the customers due to best-selling books. The company has opened doors and broadened the horizons for authors to pursue their writing careers and accomplish their practical goals. They can expand their brand exposure to a broad target audience and fulfill their demands. The company provides local and international media coverage on interviews, podcasts, and featured posts.

Specialized Knowledge and Experience

    Digital Book Labs is the oldest book writing company in the United States. It has had a long-term standing and reputation in the book marketing industry for more than two decades. The company still serves customers with complete dedication and devotion. It holds the credit for publishing and promoting thousands of books that broke all records of success and fame among customers. Many books are best-selling due to the powerful and compelling content that captures readers' attention and engages them in thorough reading.  We work on books of every genre and assist first-time authors in becoming known in the future.

    Magnificent Track Record

    Digital Book Labs is proud to publish more than 5000 books on its sole credit. The company has a professional team of staff who hold foreign degrees from universities abroad. They hold a substantial qualification and use it as a powerful tool to produce the finest and most flawless quality content that needs genuine appreciation. The company appreciates its team of writers and motivates its efforts to deliver the best to the customers.

    Custom-Friendly Book Marketing Services

    When it comes to publishing a book, budget always matters. Digital Book Labs offers book marketing services to meet your budget requirements. It is a leading book marketing company in the USA. The company conceives incredible ideas and implements them in its marketing strategies to promote a brand for your business.

    The company offers a variety of services to clients. They have broad book publishing categories, eBook writing, eBook ghostwriting, translation, author, and book promotion. It specializes in fiction, non-fiction, business, and self-help books for customers. The job of writers is to transform imaginative thoughts into practical words to convey the right message to the audience.

    Words from the Founder

    The founder of Digital Book Labs is Dan James. He founded this company in 1997. With his one-man-show efforts, the company grew and became the top-leading name in the book writing industry. The amazing thing is that Dan had no prior experience in this field and began his career first as a teacher and taught in different schools to fulfill his interest and passion for English literature. He later joined a publishing company as a content writer to produce a quality piece of content for clients. Dan worked for hours to pursue his career in writing.  He attended numerous book publishing events and seminars to learn and understand book promotion techniques. Dan decided to untap his hidden potential to reveal it to the world. He had a leadership vision that led him to establish Digital Book Labs. The company earned considerable recognition in the field of book writing and publishing.

    Milestones and Achievements

    Digital Book Labs is an online book writing and publishing company established with an aim to serve authors who have ideas but have no platform to deliver them to customers. The company converts the ideas into words and delivers the right message to the target audience. It offers a comprehensive range of services to clients. Digital Book Labs is a renowned company to feature in the New York Times and published articles on the newspaper's front page to show a wide coverage and exposure to the global audience.

    About the Company

    Digital Book Labs is the leading book writing and publishing company in the United States. It fulfills the dreams of authors who have the ambition to write a book, but could not complete it for some reason. The company transforms imaginative ideas into a practical book format. It helps authors achieve fame and success in the world.

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