Groove Along the Newest Dropped Single ‘Dynamite’ by the Incredibly Talented BAYWUD

Jul 25, 2023

Los Angeles, California Jul 24, 2023 ( - The musical genre of pop is one of the most popular music genres in the world. Always associated with bright musical notes, overly used instruments, and a colorful tone overall, this genre has given several artists their fame and popularity. Making another remarkable wave in the pop music genre, artist BAYWUD is here with his latest single. Joyfully encapsulating the heaviness of daily struggle and self-doubt, the single Dynamite is definitely one of those tracks that stays with the audience for a long time. Shifting to a whole new genre and musical composition, the artist has shown his versatility and immense talent by making this a pleasant, joyful ride for his listeners.

The track and its composition are different from the artist's previous musical creations where he leaned more toward folk and rock genres. Unlike his previous discography, the track opens with synth overtones and layers of bold and dramatic drums. This showcases how the artist and his concept have elevated the composition to another level. Dynamite is one pop song that you cannot ignore, making it a permanent resident in everyone's playlist. The composition of the song is uplifting and carries the essence of indie-pop, giving it an overall bright and vibrant vibe. The artist has used catchy and well-versed lyrics to deliver his message that makes the audience drawn toward his release in an instant.

BAYWUDs real talent for storytelling and songwriting clearly reflects in the thoughtful yet extremely catchy lyrics like "Like a wolf in the night". The artist reminds us that everyone has power and strength inside them and all everyone needs is a little push that comes from inside. The beautiful, uplifting, and powerful message gets a strong and bold voice through the artist's immensely impressive vocals. Some of his previously released records are 'Way Back Home', 'Stand by You', 'Bombs Away', 'Hold On To Me', 'Damn You' which are all parts of his debut album 'Back To Life'. You can listen to the tracks on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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