How Shamalson set an example for youngsters.

Apr 06, 2021



Mumbai, Maharashtra Apr 6, 2021 ( - Shamalson, nobody knows what does its meaning. According to Vishal Samal, who is professionally known as Shamalson in the internet world he was created his internet name with two different words. Shamal+son Here means shamalson. Shamalson (Vishal Samal) combined their name or surname and create their internet name Shamalson.


Today he is really successful in his life but his journey wasn't a cakewalk. In the year 2021, he started his own artist page called "Shamalson". He refused to give up and that is the reason for his success. He has always been a person who believes in passion and dedication.

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He still keeps working hard to keep growing professionally as well as personally. When other people of his age were busy worrying about their results and other important entrance exams he was busy building his professional life and that's what sets him different from others. He is improving his skills with the passage of time and we all know that it will help him to achieve his dreams.


Now Internet knows Shamalson as a musical artist, Indian author,  and entrepreneur. He had more than 10+ soundtracks on different music streaming platforms. He also publishes his 1 different eBook on google, amazon. That's why google verified him as a musical artist and author on google's search engine.


    That's why Shamalson always said "My Life My Rules" I live my life according to myself, I have nothing to do with the world, what people think about me. I will do hard work continuously because personality is not important your work is important what you doing in your life. Your work will speak not your personality.



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