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    <div><center><img style="max-width:100%" src="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/issuewireassets/primg/58377/throw-it-in-the-air-fryer-by-ciara-turner777954523.jpeg" alt="Throw it in the Air Fryer by Ciara Turner " title="Throw it in the Air Fryer by Ciara Turner "  /></center></div><br /><div><p>Charlotte, North Carolina Jul 14, 2021 (<a href="https://www.issuewire.com/"  title="Issuewire" title="Influencer Releases New Air Fryer Cookbook "  >Issuewire.com</a>)&nbsp;-&nbsp;Social media influencer and culinary artist, Ciara Turner, released her second cookbook, <em>Throw it in the Air Fryer</em>, which provides simple recipes and encourages home cooks to utilize their air fryers.</p>\n
    <p><em>Throw it in the Air Fryer </em>shares more than just recipes. The cookbook breaks down the different types of air fryers and gives tips on what foods and products to keep on hand to prepare your best meals. "This is a cookbook that will have you absolutely obsessed with your air fryer. It can be the best tool in your kitchen if you work it correctly," said Ciara Turner, author of <em>Throw it in the Air Fryer</em>.</p>\n
    <p>The cookbook includes 13 flavor-packed recipes that will entice food enthusiasts to love their air fryers. Recipes include Ciara's famous Loaded Brussel Sprouts and Classic Chicken Wings. <em>Throw it in the Air Fryer </em>also encourages healthier meal options by eliminating traditional fried foods. "Air fryer cooking isn't necessarily faster and sometimes not even fewer steps, but it keeps you from putting on your oven and cuts back on deep frying some of your favorite foods," said Ciara Turner. "I know you bought that air fryer and barely use it. This book will change that!"</p>\n
    <p><em>Throw it in the Air Fryer</em> is available through major online retailers and may be purchased <a href="https://www.amazon.com/Throw-Air-Fryer-Ciara-Turner-ebook/dp/B09889VWR6/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&amp;keywords=ciara+turner&amp;qid=1625855553&amp;s=digital-text&amp;sr=1-1"    title="Influencer Releases New Air Fryer Cookbook "   rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">HERE</a>. For further details on the book or Ciara Turner, visit: www.ciaracancook.com</p>\n
    <p><strong>About Ciara Turner, </strong>Ciara Turner is a social media influencer and culinary artist. She was introduced to cooking through her time in the kitchen with her grandmother. Simple family meals prepared with love encouraged a culinary career. Ciara now enjoys showing others how cooking with love will elevate any dish you can create. Ciara currently spends her time entertaining short video tutorials for the everyday cook who may be struggling to get a meal on the table, teaching home economics to underserved youth and adults, and being absolutely obsessed with her air fryer.</p></div><div><div class="slider-wrapper">\n
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