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Houston, Texas Nov 14, 2022 ( - Encompassing the classical genre, Gregory Poulin has always been creative with his brilliantly formed numbers and soothing melodious vibes. His knowledge and profound musical tastes are the reason behind these blissfully performed tracks. His recent release If I Could is winning hearts based on the charming vibes of classical music and seamless mannerisms. The highly energetic forms of music are getting a lot of attention for music lovers around the world.

Being highly talented his songs often engulfed the emotions with their flawless wings lit with fiery compositions. Classical music is always very enchanting to witness and his music shares a sort of pain that is quite relatable for anyone who has gone through a lot in their life. The seamless addictive vibes of the golden sonata can be witnessed profoundly in his numbers. Gregory Poulin has mastered his way in the piano while his musical partner Herman Ringer is a prolific multi-talented artist and conductor.

Magic happens when Poulins Piano meets with the charming musicality of Ringers string and wind instruments. The highly compatible musical match is winning over the world with this seamless music and gravitating classical instrumental numbers. Their recent release If I Could is going to be the number you will enjoy on loop. The interactive vibes of this number will enchant you and move you deeply. Some of their flawless tracks are Tea Time, I Will Always Be There, Youre a Star, Together Forever, Walking, and Gentle Rain. Follow them on Twitter and Spotify to get instant updates.

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