Millennials Drink the Most Wine

Jul 20, 2022

Steven Zoernack

Mendoza, Argentina Jul 14, 2022 ( - By Steven Zoernack

If you hear the word millennial up against the word drinking it might conjure up visuals of craft beer in frat parties, or perhaps underground speakeasies with handcrafted infusions and artisanal bitters. But, in actuality, a recent study by the Wine Market Council suggests that millennials (defined in the study as those being born between 1980 and 1995) drink a total of 42% of the countrys wine.

When broken down into generations, this number is astounding compared to the 30% of the wine in the U.S. that baby boomers drank in their time, and only 20% of the wine was consumed by Generation X. Studies also showed that high-frequency drinkers, or drinkers who consumed alcohol several times a week, millennials drank 3.1 glasses per sitting, more than any other generation. When broken down into gender rather than age group, women made up two-thirds of those frequent-wine drinkers. Amongst the millennial generation, that number was closer to 50% of a split.

According to Steven Zoernack, the average millennial spent $20 a bottle. Amongst all other generations, that number was just 10%. Millennials, ever the hippest generation, not only spend more dollars per bottle on average, but they are buying wines from more obscure places like Oregon, Chile, and Greece over California standards that were so popular with the baby boomers. California has been the most popular location for wine for some time, but millennials may be shifting that tide.

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A study also showed that in 2014 44% of drinkers aged 21 to 27 years old have never tried the beer brand Budweiser. In the year 1992, a study on young drinkers showed that 70% of young drinkers drank beer, in 2013 on 40% of that same age group drank beer, and the interest in wine and liquor consumption amongst the age group had shot up in that same time period. Whats more, the beer that those young consumers do drink is all from smaller craft distilleries rather than the big names of Anheuser-Bush, MillerCoors, and Heineken.

In 2013 a study showed that an estimated 297 million cases of wine were consumed in the U.S. alone. A 1.6% rise from 2012. That made wine consumption grow for the 20th consecutive year, and that dramatic trend has continued since. In fact, in the 2013 study, baby boomers were still the largest wine consumers in us at 43% of the consumption, and millennials at only 24%.  Thats quite a jump in wine drinkers in just a few years, showing the groundswell of youthful wine drinkers has not only continued but accelerated. 28% of millennials reported drinking wine on a regular basis, compared to 19% of their older counterparts. And a full 50% of millennials reported having talked about wine on Facebook at least once.

"One wonders what the Gen Xers have been up to, as many of their wine drinking stats can compare with that of the generation before the boomers, of those 67+ years in age", says Steven Zoernack. "Also as Generation X gets more into their 40s, we are seeing a rise in wine consumption there as well".

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