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Lysee, real name (Vicel Pimental) is a passionate, talented, and creative artist who has made a name for herself in the music and entertainment industry. In 2018, she released Te Encanta, a song that was recently featured in the Television series In from the Cold; a thriller about a Russian spy and an American single mother who has to juggle her family life and fight an enemy. The song has been a hit, reaching the top of the charts and earning critical acclaim. She has become a household name, with fans from all over the world appreciating her unique voice. From the Cold is not the only series that has featured Te Encanta. The song was also featured in the first episode of Maldivas. Both series are produced by Netflix which has recently taken over the entertainment industry.

Due to her exceptional singing and songwriting skills, Lysee has been part of many movie and series productions including Be our Chef for Disney, Nick in The Summer for Nickelodeon for Viacom CBS, Ridiculous Rick Ross, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Nice to Merry You, The Comedy Central Roast for American TV, Being Mary James and Very Cavallari for Hulu, A Queen is Born, Too Hot to Handle for Netflix, Below Desk, Black Ink Crew, Cartel Crew, Girls Cruise, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood for VH1, Most Expensive for Viceland, and much more.

Apart from being a singer, Lysee is a successful and dynamic actress who attained a role in the HBO TV series, Ballers, the Netflix show, Bloodline, and Baywatch. experience as a singer and actress, she continues to amaze her fans with her excellent and unique talents. From humble beginnings to worldwide success, her journey through the entertainment industry has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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