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California City, California Sep 13, 2022 ( - Escalating your musical career need zeal, integrity, dedication, and recourses, and often emerging stars restrain themselves from any monetary investments initially, when it is the best time to get promoted. And Music Promotion Club helps you build your career by making you popular by indulging in some effective marketing tools. They have tried and tested their eclectic ways to make every music artist from various genres famous, and these results can be seen in their offered packages. They have enlisted four packages in their catalog, and even their minimum package will deliver some elaborate results to your musical profile on SoundCloud.

Their first package is called the Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack. The money you have to spend for this package is $59. And within this amount, you will get daily 2 hours of social media sharing for a week to promote Soundcloud music, which will bring around 15,000 plays to your selected number. Along with this, they will issue 1 press release along with a music blog incorporated with a keyword which will be distributed to 3 to 4 sites. And these marketing strategies will bring around 240000+ social media followers with 350000+ SoundCloud followers. They will also have a custom-made banner for your promotional works and content marketing.

Their next package is named as Soundcloud Promotion Package, with this package you will get daily 4 hours of sharing for a week straight. Apart from that, you will get over 40,000 plays on your SoundCloud track. A press release along with this, you will get either a music blog or a music review which will be distributed on 7 to 8 sites. One keyword will be incorporated in these contents to ensure your SEO and a banner will also be there. This package will cost you $110, as a result, you will get some elevated benefits like email marketing and video creation. The number of your SoundCloud and social media followers will thrive and exceed 350000 within a week.

Nest on their list is the Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack; this is a weekly recurring pack that you can use to make your song extremely popular. For this package, you will have to pay $59 each week, and you can continue this marketing for as many weeks as you pay. Including a custom banner and PR distribution and music blog release, you will get over 20,000 plays on your selected track, and each week the number will grow steadily. You can end this package whenever you want. 1 keyword will be a part of these marketing write-ups for your popularity.

The best on their list is the Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack, and for this package, you will have to pay $110 per week. For content marketing, you will get 1 press release, 1 music blog, and a music review incorporated with keywords. And these publications will be distributed to 8 to 10 sites on Google news. By the end of this package, you will get 50,000+ plays along with 350000+ SoundCloud Followers. Email marketing, custom banner, video creation, and event promotion will also be a part of this package. To enjoy their services visit their website and choose a package you like. Share the link of your song, and your email id, and make the payment and the rest will be guided by their professionals.

About the Company:

Music Promotion Club has helped from music artists to music producers; their diverse ways have incorporated some unique and organic ways to shade the limelight to your tracks. From Facebook and Twitter to Reddit Music and Adhoards their reach will guarantee your exponential growth. To know more visit now.

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