"Screaming Whispers" by O.M.Y Lives up to Every Bit of Its Oxymoronic Title

Nov 28, 2022


Consummate rap singer O.M.Y. has brought out his newest song ‘Screaming Whispers’ which is archetypal to the essence of rap music as it exudes the artist’s innermost passions.

Forest City, Florida Nov 27, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - Bringing in the best of rap with a melody is singer O.M.Y. with his newest release 'Screaming Whispers'. The song has an inherent softness to it, which is in contrast to the harsh traps of the day, which is rejuvenating and at the same time captivating. The song begins with the mellifluous voice of the singer as he coos the hook and it immediately latches on to the hearts of the listeners. The song is a tuneful lyrical ballad of the profoundly personal interspace of the artist.

The minimalistic music with the sensuous voice of the singer is breathtaking. The slow-paced rap enables the audience to soak in the melody and delve into the depths of the fervent lyrics. The lyrics unapologetically roll out the deepest emotions in the artist that he pours into his music. The dreamy, gentle and yet thrilling deadlock that he creates is quite unique. The contemporary and ethereal vibe of the song creates a melodic symposium for the mind. The dilemma, distress, and pain that the artist expresses with his music are conveyed efficiently to the listeners in each note.

Unlike most artists, O.M.Y. in 'Screaming Whispers' does not use his music as an escape from emotions but instead uses it to explore deeper into the innermost recesses of his psyche and embrace it. His other tracks like 'UP' and 'Bed' alone have already proven to be exemplary musical creations and have been loved by audiences all over. To listen to his tracks, hop on to Spotify.

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Please visit here to listen to the song of O.M.Y.: https://open.spotify.com/track/5mUnsdfC2IpvfA1kEPPc74

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