Successful Global Entrepreneur and Author Tony Deoleo Releases His New upcoming Best Seller, "SEVEN DAY PAYDAY"

Murrieta, California Mar 31, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - The financial stability of the entire world was shattered when the World Health Organization declared that Covid 19 was an international pandemic that would threaten the health of the entire world. This forced businesses to close down, public transportation to be suspended, and millions of people to lose their jobs leaving the world in a state of desperation. As an entrepreneur and visionary, Tony Deoleo was able to foresee the effect it would have on millions of people who would suffer because of the loss of a steady source of income and the inability to generate additional financial resources. Only people who had $110,000 or more in the bank would come out unscathed.

Concerned for the well-being of every bread-winner who was not so lucky, Tony sought a way to help them to regain their financial stability. Inspired by his contemporaries, Anthony Robins, Dean Graziozi, and Grand Cardone, Tony developed a training program that would teach individuals how to become profitable forex market traders. Most people had never heard of forex trading or and didn't have the know-how to become a successful trader.  But with the knowledge of how to become a trader and successfully initiate a trade and exit, an individual would have the opportunity to make a profit without losing money.  In order to establish the highest level of training, Tony put together a team of successful master traders and mentors and formed the Seven Day Payday Trading Group to teach people the skills to get on the market and be profitable. 

People from all over the world came on board with a desire to recover financially from the effects of the covid 19 pandemics Tony and his team of experts set up a massive two-week training program that would instill all of the knowledge necessary to trade successfully and also provide the safe forex signals so that participants could make a substantial profit.   The entire training program was offered free of charge as a way of helping people how to survive the financial crisis ahead.  After witnessing the success of the training period and how excited the participants were of learning and already making daily money on the forex market, the next step was to bring the great opportunity to millions to gain the same priceless knowledge.  

Two years later, Tony Deoleo published "Seven Day Payday, an easy guide that shows readers how to become successful forex traders. The book contains all of the training, knowledge and practical applications that were used in the original two-week training program.  "Seven Day Payday"  targeted every man and woman who is looking to learn a new set of skills to improve their quality of life and join the top earners who previously had exclusive access to this information.

Tony Deoleo is an American entrepreneur, author, and forex market trader who has been working in the industry for over a decade now. The eBook and paperback versions of "SEVEN DAY PAYDAY" GET EXPOSED TO WI-FI MONEY AND MASTER THE TRADING SKILLS OF THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET TRADER$ Can be purchase at DEOLEO DIGITAL PUBLISHING LLC: https://tonydeoleo.com/product/seven-day-pay-day-e-book/ and It is also available on Amazon and Kindle and users will be delighted to know that this title is available in the Kindle Unlimited program at https://www.amazon.com/SEVEN-DAY-PAYDAY-exposed-exchange-ebook/dp/B08NXHV5JY

Driven by his genuine passion for his work, he has always been helping other entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. By conducting researches and traveling extensively, he has been doing his best to decode the common challenges faced by entrepreneurs and forex traders everywhere. His book is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. For more information visit him at the official author website: https://tonydeoleo.com/.


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