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Chennai, Tamil Nadu Jul 20, 2021 ( - We, The Executive Zone, are designed to ensure businesses have everything they need to succeed. With state of the art office space and high spec infrastructure, The Executive Zone is the one-stop office space for your growing business. Providing a fully-fitted, flexible workspace in the heart of Chennai's business region on Anna Salai. The Executive Zone offers companies and individuals the flexibility and scalability to grow their businesses with a range of membership options to suit all business needs.

The Corona Virus pandemic has brought chaos to lives and economies around the world. For most of us, it changed the way we socialize, do our chores and more importantly the way we work.
Working in isolation has become a thing and it has changed our sense of workspace.

However, with the rapid adoption of digitalization, people managed to remain motivated, productive and engaged even amidst work from home.

It is noteworthy that subsequent lockdowns and social distancing measures led to an inevitable shift in the concept of work culture. With the exponential success that remote working saw in the previous year, one question that came to light is- 'Is there a future for the traditional office space?'

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While a few businesses are considering returning to the office in the next quarter, some companies have in fact declared an indefinite work from the home period for their employees, given that it is more convenient for employees, reduces fixed costs for employers and yields the same productive output when compared to fully furnished office spaces.

However a major chunk of enterprises today is looking to adopt alternate options as there have been noteworthy downsides of a work from home environment. Apart from a secure and vibrant work environment, companies today are looking at spaces that provide flexibility and commute friendly options for employees whilst also following safety protocols. 

"Today, the working environment is not about space and furniture but also about community building through a cohesive team. For much of the workforce, remote working is not suitable in the long run as workplaces are not just about architecture and design, but they are meant to boost productivity, efficiency, and provide a healthy mixture of social as well as private space," says Mr. Daniel Jaikar, Community Manager, The Executive Zone, shared office space in Chennai.

In the present-day scenario shared office spaces in Chennai have transformed themselves to meet the social distancing norms by keeping health and hygiene at the forefront. As people start to return, serviced offices in Chennai are evolving to include new features focusing on health and safety.

Being one of the best Coworking space in Chennai, The Executive Zone provides not only this but best in class amenities with touchless technologies, wide-open floor layouts, and meeting rooms for enhanced safety and privacy enabling a safe and healthy working culture.

The benefits of ready to use office space in Chennai add up to something pivotal for the workforce. It's an opportunity to reinvent the workplace, giving workers the stability of a predictable work environment, and the flexibility inherent to remote work.

"As we pave our way into the future of work, The Executive Zone is well placed to cater to entrepreneurs and enterprises alike by offering flexibility, choice of location, and motivation coupled with ease of doing business which will funnel the growth story for the Coworking sector. This will allow companies, either in their early years or in a growth phase, to take the exact amount of space they require at that time - they don't have to overextend themselves by taking on unnecessary overheads at a crucial time." as stated by Mr. Prateek, Marketing Head, The Executive Zone, Premium Coworking Space in Chennai.


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