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Jul 31, 2023

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New York City, New York Jul 28, 2023 ( - The movie "Through Life and Death", promoted by the "Cream of the Cream" team, received the nomination for Best Picture at the Asia International Youth Film Festival. Additionally, the film won the Best Feature Film at the Rome Prisma Awards and was an official selection at the CKF International Film Festival in the UK. The movie tells the story of a girl embarking on a tumultuous journey of redemption to overcome her fear of death.

Renowned film scholar Michael Rabiger once said that the audience's evaluation of a movie's quality mainly comes from two aspects: the story and the performances. "Through Life and Death" precisely demonstrates the director Chang Qing's ability in these two aspects. The film's choice of scenes is full of symbolism, starting from a hospital, moving into a cinema, and leading to a temple. These three scenes carry profound meanings, representing "life, entertainment, and faith" of humanity. Within these thematically significant scenes, the story unfolds intricately, drawing the audience deeper and deeper into an emotionally stirring journey. Just when one feels trapped and restless, a glimmer of hope shines through the darkness, leaving the audience with the realization that they can never go back to the past. Another key aspect that captivates viewers is the performances, especially the interpretation of the character by actress Gao Zitong. She completely conquered me, and I was absorbed into the world of the movie through her subtle emotions, especially in the long shot of the crying scene at the end, which was heart-wrenching.

"Through Life and Death" deals with heavy social themes, but its portrayal is not through bloody violence. Instead, it uses a method akin to a suspense film, unraveling the minds and psyches of the audience, touching their souls, and fully showcasing the tragic beauty of youth and life. Sometimes what deeply shakes us is not the gory battles or the thunderous cries of thousands, but the silent tears filled with profound emotions of life.

"Through Life and Death" weeps for the hardships of women's destinies and for the world that has become so unbearable.

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