Tomás Elías González Benítez: "The maximum female representation in the Dakar is a great advance for the sport"

Jan 27, 2022

Barquisimeto, Lara Jan 26, 2022 ( - The new article, written by the Venezuelan journalist Tomás Elías González Benítez, analyzes the pilots of the Dakar 2022. Women's sport continues to break records and a new example of this is the sixty women who represent the Dakar in Saudi Arabia.

Thirty-four races in the classics category, which is a historic milestone for female participants, after forty-four editions.

Dakar 2022: the results of the pilots

Husqvarna's Sandra Gómez made her debut in the motorcycle category, finishing in 62nd position.

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In 2021, she participated in the Trial World Championship, was part of the women's national team in both Trial and Enduro, and participated in the Spanish Hard Enduro Cup.

"Of Sandra Gómez, we must highlight her character and strength when it comes to overcoming all the obstacles that have arisen in her career", indicates Tomás Elías González Benítez.

In addition, the car category featured co-driver Mónica Plaza, from Chevrolet, who followed in her father Manuel's footsteps for the third consecutive time.

The Cuenca had to withdraw from the competition after the car was disabled.

    Cristina Gutiérrez: a landmark in Spain

    Cristina Gutiérrez started as the favorite and achieved a historic result for Spanish motor racing.

    Mechanical problems led him to third place on the podium, in the T3 category.

    "In 2021, she was the first Spanish woman to win a stage and the second in the history of the Dakar Rally", remember Tomás Elías González Benítez

    Laia Sanz: the queen of motorcycles, in cars

    Laia Sanz has become the best classified Spanish driver in cars, in the 44-year history of the race.

    "Both Laia Sanz and Maurizio Gerini were born and raised with motorcycles and it was difficult to separate them forever from their first love", recounts Tomás Elías González Benítez.  

    He has never stopped racing and winning: 14 world titles won in a trial (and 10 in Europe), 6 in enduro, 11 in Dakar on motorcycles, in addition to what he is currently experiencing, onboard a car.

    Three consecutive times winner of the women's ranking, 6 times out of 11 at the finish line and as the best result in the general, 9th place in 2015.

    In short, a phenomenon, perhaps also because of that last name that recalls the idol of generations of Spanish boys, Carlos Sainz Senior.

    Carlos wanted her next to him in the Acciona-Sainz team of the Extreme-E championship, and then he pushed her hard so that she jumped towards the car.

    100% female team

    In the category of light prototypes T3, made by specialized trainers, a springboard for teams, and antechamber for the car category, the 'CMR Group Women Dakar Team' appeared, the first to participate with a 100% female team.

    It was formed by the pilot Merce Martí and the co-pilot Margot Llobera in the prototype and mechanics Jessica Nebra, Iona Hernández, Nuria Gaja, and Anna Farré, who acts as team leader.

    "Our mission is to vindicate the presence of women in the toughest Raid in the world", stated Martí. 

    The coronavirus, an obstacle in the Dakar

    The Spanish Sara García, a Yamaha motorcyclist, tested positive in the PCR test that was carried out upon landing in Jeddah.

    Finally, García was able to run the Dakar and finished the race in 75th place.

    "The highest female representation in the history of the Dakar is a symbol of progress in motorcycle sport", ends Tomás Elías González Benítez. 

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