Houston, Texas Jul 25, 2023 ( - Vital Melamins, the first certified organic vitamin supplement line specifically formulated for the Melanated Community, is delighted to announce the relocation of its e-commerce operations to Houston, TX. Founded with a commitment to cater to the specific needs of people of color, Vital Melamins product mix includes options for Men, Women, and Children. These premium formulations have been expertly crafted to cleanse the Lymphatic System, boost the Immune System, and balance both the Nervous and Circulatory Systems.

A New Chapter in Vital Melamins Journey:
The move to Houston marks an exciting chapter in the growth of Vital Melamins. The decision to relocate to Houston was driven by the city's vibrant community, diverse demographics, and strong commitment to health and wellness. This strategic move allows Vital Melamins to further extend its reach and provide high-quality certified organic vitamin supplements to people of color in the region and beyond.

Community-Centered Approach:
Vital Melamins mission extends beyond providing top-quality supplements. The company is committed to actively engaging with the Melanated Community through educational initiatives and community-driven partnerships. By fostering health awareness and advocacy, Vital Melamins seeks to uplift and empower individuals of color on their wellness journey.

Certified Organic Excellence:
Vital Melamins unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in its sourcing and production process. Each product is carefully crafted with certified organic ingredients, free from harmful additives, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The company's commitment to maintaining the highest standards ensures that customers receive the purest and most potent supplements.

A Vision for Inclusive Wellness:
Sultana Nailor, the Founder of APOTHATOTE, a global online Herbal Apothecary and Vital Melamins, shared her vision, stating, "It Ain't Cute To Be Sick!" Vital Melamins was born out of my passion for health equity and representation. With a deep understanding of herbal medicine and the unique needs of the Melanated Community, I am dedicated to offering premium certified organic vitamin supplements that promote holistic well-being, celebrates diversity and addresses the specific nutritional requirements of individuals of color."

Vital Melamins line of certified organic vitamin supplements is available for purchase on our website, We invite all members of the Melanated Community and its allies to join us on this transformative journey toward optimal health and well-being.

About Vital Melamins:
Vital Melamins is a trailblazing vitamin supplement company created in 2019 by Certified Master Herbalist, Sultana Nailor. Rooted in a passion for health equity and inclusivity, Vital Melamins specializes in certified organic vitamin supplements tailored for the specific needs of the Melanated Community. Through top-quality formulations and community-driven initiatives, Vital Melamins seeks to empower and improve the health and vitality of women, men, and children of color.

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