Watch Out Music World, Here Comes Elijah333 with His Latest Single "All These Girls"

Jul 25, 2023

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Austin, Texas Jul 24, 2023 ( - Making some serious waves in the music ocean, Elijah333, a.k.a Elijah James Chester, is about to drop his second single, "All These Girls," on July 7th. Coming off the roaring success of his debut hit "Same Thing," Elijah's eclectic mix of pop, rap, and rock is fast becoming the soundtrack for a whole generation.

Born and bred in Ohio, Elijah333 has a knack for channeling the raw emotions of the times we live in. His upcoming track, "All These Girls," is no different. Packed with all the energy of summer and capturing the push and pull between living free and falling for someone new, this song promises to be another hit from this rising star.

To create a buzz around "All These Girls," Elijah333's going all-in. He's putting his substantial social media following to work, lining up interviews, performances, and networking opportunities. The track's music video will be released in tandem with the song across all major platforms. But hold on, there's more! Two weeks after the release of "All These Girls," fans will be treated to a bonus track titled "Inside Out."

His first single, "Same Thing," was a heart-wrenching account of a tough breakup and rapidly racked up over 160k views on YouTube and more than 200k streams on Spotify, with an additional 40k streams on SoundCloud. All within six weeks of release. With these numbers and a growing fanbase of 50k monthly listeners on Spotify, Elijah333 is proving to be a music force to reckon with.

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His unique style, coupled with heartfelt lyrics and raw energy, has earned Elijah333 a fast-growing and passionate audience. And it's not just his studio recordings that are impressive. Elijah333 knows how to work a stage, leaving audiences entranced by his lively performances.

Get all the latest scoop on Elijah333 by visiting his official website or catching up with him on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Tune in to his music on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube for all his music videos and live performances.

About Elijah333:
Elijah333 is one to watch. His unique blend of pop, rap, and rock, combined with lyrics that hit right at the heart, makes him a standout in the music scene.

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Give Steven Gill a call at: 312-929-9160
Or reach out to Jerry Stokes: 424-832-4330
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