'Whelm' is a Journey of Self-discovery by Aimee Meheden-Friesen, Take this Journey with Audra Filigree

Nov 25, 2022

Aimee MehedenFriesen

Toronto, Ontario Nov 24, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - The world is facing various chronic diseases which include poverty, global warming, and denial of poor mental health. The author Aimee Meheden-Friesen has offered a very intriguing story based on this topic in Whelm. Her book has described the story of the rich and beautiful Audra Filigree. If you look at her life from a distant perception you will find her life to be absolutely perfect. But for her, this perfection was nothing but a facade, and inside she was feeling a fountain of emotions. Several instances in her life have pushed her to embark upon the journey with no clear destination in mind. This introspective journey of hers is extremely compelling to read.

At the beginning of the story Whelm, you will see that the life of Audra Filigree has been flawless. She is extremely beautiful and rich, and her boyfriend quite fits the box of perfect. And she is living the life of the North American dream. Soon she realized that this was nothing but a veil of falsehood. And when the veil is removed she found her world to crumble and fell apart within a heartbeat. Afterward, she started to experience full-fledged panic attacks, mounting anxiety, and unrealized depression. To get herself out of this toxic situation she set off on a journey with not a single clue where the journey will lead her. This journey of self-discovery was also an insurgence again her domineering father.

Most of the time people consider home as their safest place where a person feels the safest. But when your parent is the reason for your depression then there is no choice left but to leave. Aimee Meheden-Friesen has seamlessly described how a person feels in this sort of overbearing environment. Her insights will enlighten you and will make sure that through the journey of Audra Filigree people can educate themselves on mental health and how to know the signs and seek help when its needed the most. Coming from a military family and being the mother of two daughters her words of wisdom will charm you from your core. Her writing styles are extremely gravitating you can find the book on Amazon, and follow her on Instagram.

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