With the Ecstatic Melodious Vibes Subhendu Banerjee Celebrates 'Edelweiss - Blue Spanish Eyes'

Jul 26, 2023

Subhendu Banerjee

San Ramon, California Jul 24, 2023 (Issuewire.com) - Through the releases of impressively profound artist Subhendu Banerjee, you can dive into the nostalgia of the golden era of music. His works are fascinating and extremely compelling for those who love to retrospect musically. And his works will truly mesmerize them from the core, his voice and his music arrangements give the similar vibes of a golden age release. His recent release Edelweiss & Blue Spanish Eyes is a tribute to the works of Julie Andrews, Elvis Presley, and Al Martino. In 2023 he has published 12 new albums including renditions from the golden era of world music, classic Bollywood releases, and some everlasting Tagore melodies. His charming release Memory Of Those Playful Days already has witnessed over 115,000 views. This song is one of his most cherished classic Bollywood releases that melts the hearts of many Indians. The power of their music and their voices are still as potent and impactful, and Subhendu nurtures these styles through his musical expressions and creates immensely prevailing well-crafted tracks.

His melodies and his musical expressions, Subhendu Banerjee is talking about the releases and melodies of Eastern and Western classic releases. His works are highly compelling and meticulous. The objective of his music career depends on the sole motto to remind listeners about the golden era of music and music is a global heritage that should be cherished and celebrated by everyone. He has been working with the banner HARMONI VENTURES for his releases. He also has done some intriguing songs to tribute to a few great Indian movie artists like Uttam Kumar and Raj Kapoor. His catalog holds tributes to Indian Sarode genius Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and almost all the music legends of the Golden Era including the nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar. His tribute song to the evergreen legend Frank Sinatra, My Way, has attracted over 280,000 views already.

His latest release, Edelweiss & Blue Spanish Eyes, shares the limelight on his love and nostalgia for timeless music. The Edelweiss part of his number is a tribute to Julie Andrews and the Blue Spanish Eyes part is a tribute to Elvis Presley, Al Martino, and other music artists of that age. His works give an unblemished and profound appeal of that time. And the passion Subhendu has for music can be seen in his releases, along with his thorough appreciation for these extremely talented artists. His music soothes minds and for his latest release, Partha Paul, as usual, has accompanied him by arranging and programming these songs with the upcoming video creator Priyanka Paul presenting an impressive video. You could find several musical gems performed by this impressive artists group and witness perfect renditions of these classic releases. His entire music catalog is available on YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/@Subhendu-GoldenEra); you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well.

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